House of Sparks support organisations to ignite ideas and turn them into action through advisory, education and execution.

Our methodology is based on a facilitative, interdisciplinary and action-driven approach. We call this Sparks.

We support you in mastering a culture where discovering, uncovering and applying new ideas is key. Our focus lies in decentralising innovation; unleashing the power of creativity within the organisation. Together we spark ideas into action.


The power of perspectives


We believe that working interdisciplinary is the best way to reach breakthrough ideas.

We provide perspective and advice on how to unlock the full potential in your organisation. Through facilitated Sparks, we pollinate internal talent with external perspectives to discover new possibilities at speed.

"Creating ideas are not the problem, launching them is"

 Sparks Consulting will analyze, prototype, test, estimate and help you find a way to turn your ideas into reality; no matter if it's a product, service, re-organization, reqruitment or an educational program.



Real change comes through learning


In today’s constant changing and complex world, the key is the ability to adapt.

We truly believe that real change comes through learning. We have more than15 years of experience in designing and delivering educational programs for institutes such as Google Creative Lab, Hyper Island and Berghs School of Communication.

Sparks Academy deliver a holistic training approach on how to tackle innovation. Purpose being to provide you with customised learning experiences from people to product.  

We offer education in leading innovation, change management, design thinking, digital transformation, leadership & culture and more.


Open programs:

Facilitera Förändring - Malmö Sweden - Starts September 20th, 2018 (in Swedish)



Make epic shit


We are passionate in supporting companies to build and launch their new ideas.  

The core of Sparks Studio is our cutting edge producers combining user-design, technology and decades of building experiences. We have a large collaborator network with makers around the world ready to take on your challenges.



Notoriously curious


We are multi-disciplinary experts, thinkers, facilitators and makers with a passion for collaboration.

We believe in the power of perspectives and we are always on the lookout for new collaborators. If you are interested in joining, kindly use the form below.



We want to hear from you


Please let us know if you want to work with us. Kindly use the form below or give us a call:

Fredrik Heghammar: +46 704 450 239

Charlotta Rydholm: +46 730 615 757

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