Sparks Academy: How to lead Innovation Processes


As a Facilitator you are the guardian for innovation. Your key tools are the people participating and the process you decide to use. There are multiple strategies to consider so during this course we will give you opportunities to test and learn, whilst providing you with the tools you need to enable your participants and lead this process.


The program

This 2 day course will give you the knowledge needed to lead innovation processes of both a simple and complex nature, an extremely important dimension for companies going through the digital transformation. You will get insight into various innovation processes, Google Design Sprints, Spark, Design Thinking and a wealth of tools that you can customize to suit your company's specific needs. But you will be trained specifically to use Spark.

You will learn the importance of working with interdisciplinary teams, rapid prototyping and behavioral interaction in order to harness the full creative potential of the individual, the group and the network. As a Facilitator you will develop an ability to lead innovation processes to create new products, services or organizational change.



Fredrik Heghammar - Speaker, Facilitator and Educator. Fredrik has a long background in innovation and digital communication, and before founding House of Sparks, worked at Google Creative Lab, Berghs School of Communication, Anomaly, Perfect Fools, Abel & Baker and Framfab.


What you get

  • Introduction to various innovation processes

  • Design Thinking — A creative approach and a method for solving complex problems

  • Design Sprint — How do we solve complex challenges in a short period of time

  • Methods — Tools, models and matrixes

  • Prototyping — Transforming sketches into prototypes

  • User tests — Testing prototypes on users



Christmas offer: fixed price 120.000 SEK for up to 10 people or 170.000 SEK for up to 20 people if you book before end of december.

Price:  15.000 SEK/ person ex VAT (regular price: 22.000 SEK/person)

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