House of Sparks support organisations to ignite ideas into action, from people to product.

Our methodology is based on a facilitative, interdisciplinary and action-driven approach. We call this Sparks.

We support you in mastering a culture where discovering, uncovering and applying new ideas is key. Our focus lies in decentralising innovation and change; unleashing the power of creativity within the organisation. Together we spark ideas into action, from people to product.

House of Sparks - 2018: It´s a wrap! Click here to read our 2018 summery

House of Sparks recruits Namo "Lilla Namo" Marouf to challenge the future of city planning. Read the pressrelease at (in Swedish)


The power of perspectives


We believe that working interdisciplinary is the best way to reach breakthrough ideas.

We provide perspective and advice on how to unlock the full potential in your organisation. Through facilitated Sparks, we pollinate internal talent with external perspectives to discover new possibilities at speed.

"Creating ideas are not the problem, launching them is"

 We will analyse, prototype, test, estimate and help you find a way to turn your ideas into reality; no matter if it's a product, service, re-organization, reqruitment or an educational program.



Real change comes through learning


In today’s constant changing and complex world, the key is the ability to adapt.

We truly believe that real change comes through learning. We have more than 15 years of experience in designing and delivering educational programs for institutes such as Google Creative Lab, Hyper Island and Berghs School of Communication.

Sparks Academy deliver a holistic training approach on how to tackle change. Purpose being to provide you with customised learning experiences from people to product.  

We offer education in leading innovation, change management, design thinking, leadership, culture and more.

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From people to product


We co-create with curious people and organisations to ignite ideas into actions – from people to product. Below you'll find a selection of our work.



Vår Gård partners with House of Sparks


Starting in 2019, House of Sparks are proud partners of Vår Gård and “Mötesakademin”. Together we will offer the new educational format Sparks Sessions. The goal is to offer new knowledge to promote health, collaboration and networking to future-proof individuals and organizations.

Themes: Facilitate Change, Passion, Leadership & Culture, Innovation

Read more and sign up here


Lead Innovation Course


In collaboration with Berghs School of Communication we have trained the innovation team at Löfbergs on how to Lead innovation processes in order to decentralise innovation within their organisation.  

Theme: Tailored Education

Work: Session design, education, facilitation and delivery.


The future of venture capital Spark


Antler enables the world’s best talent to become great founders of great companies. In the beginning of 2019, we ran a design sprint at Antler together with the Co-founders of the Stockholm program on the future of venture capital.

Theme: The future of venture capital

Work: Session design, facilitation, prototyping and education


How to create a living 24/7-city


We´ve had great opportunity to work with several different entities and organisations regarding future cities. As part of the annual Swedish event at Amedalen, we delivered two Sparks with Atrium Ljungberg around how to build a city district that promotes collaboration in a Quadruple Helix.

At Gather festival 2018, we continued the collaboration with a Spark session with Atrium Ljungberg on “How to create a living 24/7-city”.  

Theme: Future cities  

Work: Session design, facilitation and prototyping.


Decentralize Innovation Spark


At the end of 2018, we ran a design sprint at H&M together with leaders from the new business group (i.e COS, Other stories, Weekday, Arket, Monki, Cheap Monday) on how to decentralize innovation.   

Theme: Decentralizing innovation

Work: Session design, facilitation, prototyping and education


The future of Radio


Together with Swedish Public radio (SR) we delivered a session on creating the future of radio focusing on sound. This Spark was part of a larger project to future proof radio and is now in production.

Theme: Future of Radio

Work: Innovation Spark, prototyping, documentation


Crash Course by House of Sparks


Together with our dear friends Changers Hub, we launched a new crash course format with intense and hands-on sessions on how their members can shape their future and turn ideas into reality.

A special thanks to Changers Hub for your ambitious work and being an inspiration on how to democratize success.             

Themes: Self leadership, Passion, Innovation, Growth Hacking

Work: Session design and education

Read more about the program here


Notoriously curious


We are education experts, thinkers, facilitators and makers with a passion for collaboration.

We believe in the power of perspectives and we are always on the lookout for new collaborators. If you are interested in joining, kindly use the form below.


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We want to hear from you


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