House of Sparks - 2018: It´s a wrap!


Well what a year this has been! What started as a conversation in early spring why great ideas often end up in black holes, turned into House of Sparks. Here's a short reflection on our 2018 and some very exciting upcoming projects looking forward.    

We are big fans of reflection as a tool for learning and development. So looking back at 2018, we are first of all immensely grateful and humble to have been working with amazing and engaging people and a vast amount of challenges.

Throughout the year we’ve been supporting change and innovation with cities, architect firms, banks, agencies, real-estate firms, public radio, logistics, travels and educational institutes. In our first year! And this is just the beginning.    

Before we end for the holidays and kickoff 2019, we have highlighted some of our most exciting themes and trends that we want to share with you:

BIG cities, BIG plans

During the year we´ve had the great opportunity to work with several different entities and organisations regarding future cities. As we truly believe in a holistic approach on how to tackle change, there is no better challenge than working on creating future cities through the power of perspectives.

Together with Atrium Ljungberg, White Arkitekter, Fastighetsägarna, Region Skåne, Helsingborgs stad and Gather festival, we have have been developing smart cities for a healthier and happier life through facilitative learning. We can't wait for to continue and moving forward in this very important and exciting area.   

Need to ReSkill

The need to stay upgraded and to be reskilled is probably greater than ever before. We see it constantly in the news, from the government, from trend reports and in many of our dialogues with clients and collaborators. We also hear about how automatisation will steal our jobs.

We believe that jobs won't entirely disappear; many will simply be redefined. But people will likely lack new skill-sets required for new roles and be out of work. House of Sparks aim to support that transition and help individuals and companies to shape their own future and to stay relevant.    

What jobs will we have in the future? How can we constantly be reskilled to meet future market needs? From digitalisation to transforming chefs into zero waste experts? These are some of the big areas we’ve been working on and developing new learning formats that will be launched in 2019.

From People to Product

Our main theme for the year has been - from people to product. In essence this is about connecting the mindset and culture of your organisation and unlocking the full potential in your team to create the best possible products or services. Just like mending the mind and finding a balance between your physical and mental health. To be able to lead complex change and organisations you need to clarify your incentives and work with decentralised innovation.  

Finally we have been at the center of perspectives working closely with our partner and friends at Changers Hub. Together we launched a new crash course format with intense and hands-on sessions on how their members can shape their future and turn ideas into reality. A special thanks to Changers Hub for your ambitious work and being an inspiration on how to democratize success.             

We are siked to get started in 2019 with a truly exciting year ahead of us. Please give us a shout if you want grab a coffee or chat. Why not schedule a course before the end of the year with our holiday discount? We believe it will be worth it.

Happy Holidays/ House of Sparks

Fredrik, Charlotta & Christian